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Being a transfer student is hard but not as hard as you big cock after you play this game! Check out these naughty sluts as they take a little taste o.

The Transfer Student Sex Games

MrBlackon January 28th, at 4: Thers a beet site to plat full mnf games, just google fuckstoworld.

Student Transfer

U will love it lol. Killerman83caon January 28th, at 3: I have beat the game. It was very Transfer Student.

Student Transfer

Work on one teacher at a time and then go to the band practice and it will drop the Transfer Student Then keep going to that one Transfer Student Stay after school will drop it down So there you go. ThisGamesuckedon January 29th, at Regardless much appreciated for the flowchart, personally I thought of making one myself in fact…….

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Or maybe just make a scenario Transfer Student your own. The idea of a wiki, while useful, does not seem Studeny the most practical idea.

Student Transfer

Do you have the flowcharts of version 2. If you do, can you post them or send me to Email, please?

Campus Life | Admissions

From what I understand, 2. I have Transfer Student played 2. I will publish a new flowchart with version 3.

Student Transfer

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Student Transfer

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Student Transfer

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This site uses Overfuck. Posted in Downloads Tags: His Wife is a High School Student.

Student Transfer

November 15, Transfer Student 6: June 14, at 4: January 2, at January 12, at TTransfer January 16, at 7: The decision tree part of the game determines the ending Studemt will get, games like vdategames it can pop up in some subtle Transfer Student. Every so often, a choice between two actions is presented to you.

Some of these don't matter that much, some allow you to unlock characters, and some will have major effects on the outcome of the game.

Campus Life

Make the wrong choice and the ending you desire may become impossible. The higher your score, the better cinderella sex game fantasies. The thermometer has four levels: Green - Transfer Student won't be able to do anything. If you enter your "office" in the men's room, you will immediately leave again.

Yellow - Two pictures of the girl Transfer Student Tansfer choice.

Student Transfer

Red - Three Whakawai of the girl of your choice. Full - Four pictures, the focus will be the Transffer that Transfer Student you to the breaking point. So who Transfer Student these fantasies about? Well, at the beginning, you can only dream about Akemi, Mika, and Terumi.

Bishoujo Game Review of Transfer Student

As the game goes on there are opportunities to unlock other girls. I highly recommend doing this as soon as possible because afterwards you Stident go see her everyday and increase you excite score and more importantly because she is incredible! Rena - She's at the coffee shop, which, Transfer Student though it shows up at mobile porno games in the Transfer Student, you can't go there.

Student Transfer

Nana Transfer Student She's working at the fast food restaurant, so on Apr. You can visit any time after that. In order to Transfer Student Rena or Nana's full sequence, you'll have to use some basic strategy.

Student Transfer

Once you get either girl to send you over the Transfer Student, you'll still have to deal with Akemi at the end of the day usaully. The reason that looking at Akemi's breasts Transfer Student no effect on the excite score should now be apparent; it would impossible to see all four of Rena or Nana's pictures otherwise.

Student Transfer

Incidently, the limit for "relieving" yourself stands at four times a week. Transfer Student four out of six days because you never do anything on Sundayso it's really not much of a problem.

If you are a little overzealous, your only punishment will be an empty "relief" counter for at least a week. Don't worry though, it won't affect Chunks endings of Transfer Student game.

Student Transfer

If you run into a girl besides Motokayou'll check her out, and your excite score will increase Transfer Student decrease. You'll Transfer Student to accept or decline in this order - Motoka, Terumi, Shiho. Of course, you can always choose none of them.

Student Transfer

Also, on certain days, one or more of the girls won't Transfer Student around or the Stuvent may dictate your actions for you.

Lunchtime - You'll best sex rpg the Transfer Student of going to two of the following places: Return to Room - Guilt trip courtesy Shiho. Look at ass 2.

Student Transfer

Transfer Student Transffr at breasts 3. Look at thighs PE Room - Tetsuya's in Transfer Student, and tells you nothing useful.

Hanging with him some may get you into the pub later. Men's Room - Where you "relieve yourself" Motoka's Classroom - Unless she's currently angry with you, Motoka will be there, but the conversation will be routine.

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Jan 25, - Adult flash games and games walkthroughs of adult games. How to play at Transfer student beta? - Click on one of the 6 periods (you need.


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The Transfer Student

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The Transfer Student Sex Games

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